President Nakayama elected as Chair of the Expert Committee (2014-2015) to draw up the next basic plans for education in Chiba Prefecture


Chiba prefecture has set up a committee of experts, chaired by President Nakayama, to gather opinions and make proposals on the fundamental principles needed for drawing up the next basic plans of education in the prefecture, which will aim to realize the aspiration of “Chiba as an Educational Prefecture”.
   President Nakayama had already chaired a panel of independent experts set up by the Chiba Prefectural Board of Education last year. This had discussed and settled the agenda for future deliberations on topics such as improving academic standards, preventing bullying, making progress in moral education, developing teachers’ educational qualities, and promoting infant and domestic education. As well as continuing to address these issues, the new committee (larger in size than its predecessor, with 10 rather than 5 regular members, as well as others who will attend from time to time) will focus on the following additional tasks:

1) Promoting career education.

2) Promoting education in response to globalization.

3) Promoting special support education.

4) Advancing cultural and artistic activities.

5) Promoting sports and healthy activities to develop physical strength


President Nakayama, chair (left); Mr. Miyata, vice-chair (right)

The inaugural meeting of the committee took place on May 27, followed by a second one on June 4. Lively discussions took place about the points on the intellectual coordinate axis identified by the original panel of independent experts.

 More detailed information about the committee and its work may be found on the Chiba Prefecture webpage.



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