FD (Moral Science Staff Meeting) 4

9:00 – 11:00 on July 29, 2009 (Wed)

The Moral Science staff held a meeting.
1) Partnership with Boston University
The meeting heard a report that a fact-finding mission will be sent to Boston University in September to seek the possibility of research and joint development in an attempt to achieve international applicability for our moral science studies. In order to introduce Reitaku’s moral education, the mission will take the brief English translation of Moral Textbook for University Students and the syllabus of the “Moral Science” course in English.

2) Moral Textbook (revised edition)
All teachers reported on how they currently use the textbook in their classes. A system, such as an e-mail network, will be established to collect teacher feedback on each of the chapters. This will be incorporated into future revisions. Professor Ono has been selected as the coordinator of the revised edition.

3) Moral Textbook (practical edition)
We will work toward developing another textbook which focuses on practical implementation, incorporating student opinions as in the Moral Textbook for University Students.
Professor Kawakubo has been selected as the coordinator of the development of the practical edition.



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