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The First CMSE Seminar on Moral Education for High School Teachers

REITAKU University

The CMSE hosted its first seminar on moral education for high school teachers, the program for which may be found below. From the beginning of this academic year, ‘moral lessons’ have become a requirement for 1st year students in all the prefectural high schools in Chiba prefecture. To support this initiative, the CMSE published a supplementary reader for character education at high school level. Entitled A Moral Textbook for High School Students, it has already been used not only at Reitaku High School and Reitaku Mizunami High School, but also in schools in prefectures other than Chiba and Gifu. It was felt that an appropriate next step in promoting its influence would be for CMSE members to demonstrate the effective and practical ways in which it can be used. Mr. Ejima, one of the book’s editors, therefore presented the seminar with a case study report on how he had employed it in classes on morals at Reitaku High School. The response of almost all of the participants at the seminar indicated the favorable impressions that they had formed of this CSME initiative. ◆ Theme: How to Develop Moral Education in High Schools ◆ Time: 13:00~17:00 August 23, 2015 ◆Program
  • 13:0013:20  Reception
  • 13:3013:50  Opening Address
  • ・Dr. Osamu Nakayama(President)
  • 13:5014:40  Lecture“The Significance and Development of Moral Education”
  • ・Hajime Ide (Professor)
  • 14:4015:00  Intermission
  • 15:0016:50  Educational Reports and Discussion
  • “Editorial Principles of A Moral Textbook for High School Students
  • and A Case Study Report on its Practical Use”
  • ・Kazuhiro Miyashita(Lecturer)
  • ・Kenichi Eshima(Assistant Professor)
  • Questions, Responses and Discussion about the Presentations
  • and about Moral Education at High Schools in General
  • ・Tsuyoshi Kawakubo (Associate Professor)
  • ・Sajio Takemasa(Principal of Reitaku Junior High & High Schools)
  • ・Yoshiyuki Kasama (Teacher at Reitaku Junior High & High Schools)
  • ・Masahide Ohno (Associate Professor)
  • 17:00 Closing Address
  • ・Nobumichi Iwasa (Professor)

Dr. Osamu Nakayama(President)

Hajime Ide (Professor)

Kazuhiro Miyashita(Lecturer)

Kenichi Eshima(Assistant Professor)

Educational Reports and Discussion

Nobumichi Iwasa (Professor)



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