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Events Arranged to Commemorate the 150th Anniversary of the Birth of Dr. Chikuro Hiroike(1866~1938)

The following academic collaborations, symposia and international conferences took place in 2016 in connection with this anniversary.

The University of Perpetual Help in the Philippines, 23rd February 2016

President Nakayama gave a lecture to more than 660 staff and students on “Japanese Culture, Business and Morality”. The large audience listened attentively for an hour and expressed deep interest in Japanese culture and society during the question and answer session that ensued.

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The Population Association of Japan, 11th June 2016

The 68th Annual Meeting of the Association was held at Reitaku University.

 Symposium to Commemorate the 150th Anniversary of the Birth of Dr. Chikuro Hiroike, 19th June 2016 in Fukuoka, 13th November 2016 in Tokyo and 5th March 2017 in Osaka.

281113記念シンポPresident Nakayama delivered keynote addresses on “Moral Approach to corporate Sustainability – The Revival of Chikuro Hiroike’s Ideas of “The Integration of Economy and Morality”” at each symposium.


Visva-Bharati, India, 25th, 26th and 27th August 2016

280827シンポジウム (5)Reitaku University co-hosted an International Conference in India, 2016 being significant for both Visva-Bharati and Reitaku; as well as the 100th anniversary of Tagore’s first visit to Japan, it also marked the celebration of the 150th anniversary of the birth of Dr. Chikuro Hiroike, the founder of Reitaku University.
To mark these occasions, the Department of Japanese at Visva-Bharati and Reitaku University, with the generous support of the Japan Foundation, co-hosted an International Conference. Professor Takeuchi gave a lecture on “The Ideas of Rabindranath Tagore and Chikuro Hiroike on Education”. On the 26th, President Nakayama gave a lecture entitled “The Concept of Nature (shizen) Revealed in the Japanese Garden”, while Prof. Inukai offered a presentation on “The Origins of the Japanese Ethic: Prince Shotoku’s Seventeen-Article Moral Constitution”.
Reitaku and Visva-Bharati began publishing an academic journal, “Tagore and Japan”, in April 2017. 

Reitaku Open College in Kashiwa( ROCK), 20th September 2016

ROCK hosted a lecture meeting to commemorate its 10th anniversary, inviting Dr. Takaaki Kajita, Director of the Institute for Cosmic Ray Research (ICRR) and Nobel Prize winner in Physics, as the main speaker. Dr. Kajita gave a lecture entitled “The Neutrino – the Discovery of its Small Mass” to more than 1500 Reitaku Junior and Senior High school students and audience. 

Universiti Malaysia Sarawak, 4th December 2016

281203-08マレーシアUNIMAS (16)Reitaku co-hosted an international conference on “Moralogy, Economics and Business Ethics”. Lectures were delivered as follows:

  • “Economy, Morality and Sustainability―from the viewpoint of cultural and business studies―”(President Nakayama)
  • A Brief Introduction to Reitaku University(Vice President Ono)
  • “The Germination of the “Ethic of Work Spirituality” in Japan in Early Modern Times: “Work” and “Character Building” in the Thought of Shosan Suzuki” (Professor Horiuchi)
  • “The Institutionalization of Ethics at Japanese Corporations and Japanese Managers’ Views of Business Ethics: Comparisons with Ten and Twenty Years Ago”(Professor Nakano)
  • “The Role of SMEs for Japanese Economic Development and the Philosophy of Moralogy”(Professor Shimoda)


The International Union for the Scientific Study of PopulationIUSSP

The IUSSP held an international Seminar on ”Linking Past to Present―Long-term perspectives on micro-level demographic processes”. The seminar, which took place on 9-10 December 2016, was jointly organized by the IUSSP Scientific Panel on Historical Demography and Reitaku University.





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