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CSME plans to expand its activity this year

Lectures on moral education at training sessions organized by the Institute of Moralogy for teachers and others involved in education are an important aspect of the work of CSME members, and the CSME plans to expand this type of activity this year.

Such training sessions, which have taken place for the past 50 years, give those attending various kinds of opportunities to learn about how moral education should be conducted in homes, schools and local communities. In 2012, for example, sessions took place at 97 venues all over Japan, with more than 10,000 people participating. The titles of lectures given by three professors provide a flavor of what was on offer here:

Professors Date Place Title
Prof. Nobumichi Iwasa July 1 Toyama Pref.
Takaoka City
On the Splendor of Connecting Lives
Pro. Haruo Kitagawa July 1 Hokkaido
Tomakomai City
Education and Caring: Connecting People’s Lives
Prof. Nobumichi Iwasa July 28 Tokyo
Arakawa Ward
On the Splendor of Connecting Lives
President Osamu
August 4 Kumamoto Pref.
Kumamoto City
Moral Education and Participation in Our Global Culture
Pro. Haruo Kitagawa August 8 Kanagawa Pref.
Zama City
Teachers as Reflective Practitioners
President Osamu
August 9 Shiga Pref.
Nagahama City
The Moral Integrity Needed in a Globalized Society
President Osamu
August 12 Shizuoka Pref.
What is Being Asked of Teachers Today; The Viewpoint of Moralogy
Prof. Nobumichi Iwasa August 17 Shizuoka Pref.
Connecting Lives and
Enriching Moral Education
President Osamu
September8 Akita Pref.
Yokote City
Reconstructing Moral Education in a Global Age

This year, as we celebrate the 50th anniversary of this program, we plan to send more CMSE staff to sessions to be held all over Japan.

Nakayama's lecture on moral education in Yokote, Akita Pref.

Nakayama's lecture on moral education in Kumamoto Pref.

Nakayama's lecture on moral education in Nagahama, Shiga Pref.



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