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President Nakayama acts as the chairperson of a panel of independent experts set up to advise the Chiba Prefectural Board of Education

The first meeting took place of a panel of independent experts set up by the Chiba Prefectural Board of Education to advise it on the formulation of basic plans for the further advancement of education. Five leading figures from the world of academia gathered to exchange opinions and settle the agenda for their future deliberations.

They agreed to divide the problems they would tackle into the following five categories:
1) the improvement of academic standards
2) the prevention of bullying
3) progress in moral education
4) the development of teachers’ educational qualities
5) the promotion of infant and domestic education.

The experts, who will convene monthly to work on these issues, are:

Dr. Osamu Nakayama(Chairperson)

President of Reitaku University

Osamu Miyata

A former NHK announcer, now chief priest of a Kumano Shinto shrine

Dr. Shigeo Kawamura

Professor (educational psychology), Waseda University

Dr. Miyuki Suzuki

Professor (medical science, infant education), Wayo Women’s College

Dr. Mitsuo Yoshizawa

Professor (math, math education), J.F.Oberlin University



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