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Professor Nobumichi Iwasa received The Kuhmerker Award from the Association for Moral Education

Professor Nobumichi Iwasa of the Center for Moral Science and Education received The Kuhmerker Award at the 38th annual meeting of the Association for Moral Education that took place in San Antonio, Texas, U.S.A. This award was established and named after the founder of the Association, the late Dr. Kuhmerker, and its recipients are those who have made important contributions to the development and promotion of moral education. The following words, selected from the citation on the commemorative shield presented to Professor Iwasa, explain why he was chosen to receive this prestigious award: “You built the first and many of the subsequent bridges that have allowed the developing, deepening, and sustaining of conversations between Eastern and Western organizations engaged in moral education.” “Your discernment and ethical leadership has been invaluable in promoting the Moral Education Society of Japan and the Asia Pacific Network of Moral Education.” “Your two decades of service as an editorial board member has helped to expand the vision of the Journal of Moral Education.” “Your seminal study of the cultural and universal moral ideals in Japanese and American moral reasoning stands as an exemplary model of comparative research.” “Your commitment to live in the light of the ideals of Chikuro Hiroike and to share his work is an object lesson for all of us.” Professor Iwasa commented on his award in the following terms: “I am convinced that this award is a recognition of the contribution made by The Institute of Moralogy and Reitaku University in sponsoring the International Conference on Moral Science, an international gathering devoted to evaluating Chikuro Hiroike’s philosophy and work and related issues, and I further acknowledge that I owe my having been able to participate in the work of the Association for many years to the support of the University and the Institute.” He also said that he was delighted at the recognition accorded to his efforts to increase awareness of the work of Dr. Chikuro Hiroike. In addition, Professor Iwasa was selected to be a board member of the Association in 2011. He also chairs the Chiba Prefectural Committee for Promoting Moral Education.

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