FY2009 “Reitaku Studies Crew” Program Report IV

Reflecting upon the Tanigawa Orientation Camp

■As a member of the Reitaku Studies Crew for the Tanigawa Orientation Camp for the College of Foreign Studies

Yukie Gunji, College of Foreign Studies (majoring in Japanese and Japanese Culture)

,The significance of traveling to “Tanigawa” as a member of the “Reitaku Studies Crew” was to “provide a positive contribution to freshmen,” “help them get used to the university atmosphere” and “nurture the foundation of their interest in moral science.”
After preparation work that focused on what I could do for the freshmen, I set off for the 3-day camp. However, I could not meet my goal of “providing in-depth information to the new students.”
Throughout my preparation for the Tanigawa Orientation Camp, the primary focus was placed on the feelings and mentality of modern freshmen above all else. In my case, the problem lay in my approach, rather than student feelings or information delivered.
Although I was supposed to be teaching the new students, the one doing the learning was me, standing in front of them. In the end, the Tanigawa Orientation Camp allowed me to experience some personal growth.
I wish to thank the staff from various departments who did the groundwork for the Tanigawa camp, the lecturers who accompanied us there, the fellow members of the Reitaku Studies Crew who prepared for individual sessions, and all the freshmen who participated in the orientation camp.
I was able to learn many fundamental things, and gained a new level of common sense.

■”Reitaku Studies at the Tanigawa Orientation Camp”

Mai Takiguchi, College of Foreign Studies (majoring in English Communication)

Participating in the Tanigawa Orientation Camp as the Reitaku Studies Crew was an invaluable experience. I was never good at public speaking, and was worried about whether I could actually do a presentation for the freshmen. Preparation work sometimes involved discussions that extended over 3 hours, during which senior members of the Reitaku Studies Crew, classmates and lecturers gave me many pieces of good advice.
While at Tanigawa, I talked to Yukie Gunji (Japanese Language and Japanese Culture major) about Reitaku University’s extracurricular activities and tuitions. I had many fears and uncertainties during my preparation work, such as whether the topics I chose were suitable for freshmen, and if I would be too nervous to remember my speech.
On the day of the presentation, I did several thorough checks on whether the venue was suitable to receive the new students, and whether all procedures were going as planned. Later, while watching senior Crew members giving their presentation in front of the freshmen, I honestly wished to one day speak in front of an audience like they did, and promised I would show as much confidence as possible in that day’s presentation at Tanigawa Orientation Camp. To that end, I had as many detailed talks as I could within my group.
The first presentation went better than I thought it would, without getting too nervous. Later presentations also went smoothly, without any major problems on my part. All the freshmen listened to my presentation earnestly, leaving us hope that they understood what we tried to convey. The orientation camp also provided a valuable opportunity to get to know freshmen in various majors.
I was able to overcome my reluctance to conduct a presentation in front of an audience and learned a great many things, although there are parts I would have done differently. I will use what I learned from my experience in future Reitaku Studies occasions, as well as other situations in life. I will be incorporating all the things I learned here in the future, both good and bad.
The Tanigawa Orientation Camp was an invaluable experience, thanks to all the work and considerations provided by the staff of the Tanigawa site, the lecturers, and the people of the local communities. I am also grateful for senior members of the Reitaku Studies Crew, teachers, and friends for insightful input. I have truly appreciated this opportunity to participate in the Tanigawa Orientation Camp.



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