Moral Textbook for High School Students

As members of the CMSE, we believe that moral and ethical education should go hand in hand with scholarship in the tertiary sector, and that it is our task to rebuild morality in today’s society at the same time as we refurbish areas of knowledge suitable for our modern era. In pursuit of this goal, we have already published two textbooks on moral and ethical education at university level: A Moral Textbook for University Students: How Do You Live Your Life? ; and A Practical Textbook for University Students: How Do You Think and How Do You Act? Our latest publication represents an ambitious attempt to apply our beliefs and principles to education at the high school level.
From the beginning of the 2013 academic year, ‘moral lessons’ have become a requirement for 1st year students in all the prefectural high schools in Chiba prefecture, where Reitaku University is located. To support this initiative, the CMSE has decided to publish a supplementary reader for character education at high school level entitled A Moral Textbook for High School Students. It consists of four parts, “narratives,” “questions,” “short notes,” and “sidebars for awareness”, which together offer students practical perspectives on moral integrity. The narrative approach it adopts will help to ensure that it stimulates the imaginations of high school readers as well as providing them with insights into this crucial subject that are based on lived experience.



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