The 3rd joint meeting of the Moral Science and Education Center Administration Committee and Moral Science Staff

12:10 – 13:10 on November 14 (Fri)

1) Proposed project plan for FY2009

・Supporting the enhancement of the “Moral Science” class
・Supporting the administration of the Teacher’s License Renewal Course
・Publishing the new “Moral Science” textbook (practical edition)
・Supporting Reitaku’s 50th anniversary event “International Conference on Moral Science”
・Creating the English version of the “Moral Science” website

・To be compiled according to this year’s budget results
Submit information on business trips, e.g. to participate in seminars, so as to ensure budgetary allocation. As for support fund for the activities of the Reitaku Studies Crew, their draft action plan will be examined to consider fund allocation.

2) 16:30 – 18:00 on January 14, 2009 (Wed)

Karen Bohlin
“Character Education in the United States”
The seminar will be conducted in English (Japanese interpreting available). Members of the Center are urged to participate.
3) Progress of the new textbook for Moral Science
Drafts for Part I to Part III have been prepared and submitted to Reitaku University Press.
Reitaku University Press will now proofread and edit the scripts before compiling the final scripts around the end of December. After further revision, the textbook is scheduled for completion on March 19.



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