Student monitor workshop for textbook revision(2)

10:30 – 15:30 on December 25 (Thu)

Group discussions

As part of Reitaku University’s 50th anniversary celebrations, work is underway to produce a new textbook for “Moral Science.” The second student-lecturer workshop was conducted on December 25 after all classes for the second term ended, as a continuation of the first session in August.
Participating in the workshop were ten students (6 freshmen and 4 seniors) recommended by teachers of the “Moral Science” course.
The students exchanged their opinions on the newly-prepared textbook manuscript for “Moral Science.” Asked to read through the manuscript and summarize their opinions in advance, the students offered various opinions in the group work that took place. Each group consisted of one freshman, one senior and one teacher.
Discussions ran from 10:30 in the morning through to 14:00 with a lunch break, and concluded with students presenting the summary of their group’s deliberations.
As this was the second workshop, students appeared serious yet relaxed, occasionally smiling while debating with teachers. The atmosphere demonstrated Reitaku’s educational philosophy of having students and teachers study together. It was also a textbook example of President Nakayama’s concept of “producing a textbook through collaboration between students and teachers.”
The valuable opinions gained here will be reflected in revisions, and the revised manuscript will be given one last check at the third workshop, scheduled for February 11 – 12 at the Tanigawa Seminar House as an overnight camp.
Students and teachers will continue to work together on this project to produce a textbook that reinforces Reitaku University’s “Moral Education,” designed to guide each and every student to happiness.

Center Director and University President Osamu Nakayama, Deputy Center Director and Assistant President Hajime Ide, Deputy Center Director and Professor Nobumichi Iwasa, Professor Haruo Kitagawa, Lecturer Jun Yamada, Lecturer Masahide Ono, Lecturer Toshitaka Adachi and Lecturer Tomitaro Hashimoto

Presenting summary of discussions

President Nakayama participating in debate

Students and teachers exchanging opinions

President Nakayama answering a student's question

Heated debate

Presenting a summary



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