Student Monitor Camp at Tanigawa to Compile New Textbook

February 11 (Wed) to 12 (Thu), 2009

In front of the Tanigawa Seminar House

From February 11 (Wed) to 12 (Thu), 2009, university staff and students gathered at Reitaku University’s Tanigawa Seminar House to develop the new Moral Textbook for University Students for the “Moral Science” class.
This was the third student monitor brainstorming session, which had a total of 22 participants (14 students and 8 university staff members). They were divided into 5 teams, with each group consisting of one university staff and 2 – 3 students. They were each then assigned a section approx. 40 pages long to examine.
The participants holed themselves up in the training room for two whole days, despite the perfect weather and clear skies outside highlighting the snow-covered mountains and trees. On the last day of the camp, they presented their opinions on the sections they studied and how they felt about the camp itself. Some of the views expressed: “The textbook has dramatically improved since the last monitor session.” “This version is more interesting than the current textbook.” “This textbook provides university students with a wide range of knowledge, not just morality.” “There are still too many technical terms that are difficult to understand.” “Difficult terms should be accompanied with footnotes.”
The chief editor of Reitaku University Press, a first-time participant at this camp: “This has been a valuable experience. We will incorporate the feedback gathered here into future manuscript revisions, so as to craft a textbook that would impress all.”
At the end of the camp, President Nakayama said the brainstorming session in the camp is certain to propel the textbook project forward. He then sought the continued cooperation of the participants in creating the practical edition of Moral Textbook for University Students. Materials gathered in the camp will be incorporated into the editing process, and the new textbook is scheduled to be completed by the end of March.

President Nakayama giving an overview

A student presents his opinion

Another student presents his opinion

Group work session



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