FD (Moral Science Staff Meeting) 2

●12:00 – 13:00 on June 17 (Tue)

1) “Moral Science A” class assessment survey
The class assessment survey to be conducted at both of the colleges will involve all students studying “Moral Science A”.
Since the annual survey is carried out with class-specific questions, the upcoming survey in the second term will also have new questions added.
2) Suggested “Preface” for the new textbook
As a continuation of the previous meeting’s discussions on the contents of the “Preface” that will be added to the current version of Introduction to Moral Science, Tsuchiya and Ono presented their suggestions for consideration.
3) Student survey
In producing a new textbook that reflects student opinions, the staff discussed what survey items should be asked to student monitors and how the survey should be carried out. Questionnaires drafted by Ono and Yamada were submitted on the e-mail network at a later date, but will not be examined until the next meeting.



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