FD (Moral Science Staff Meeting) 1

●12:00 – 13:00 on April 11 (Fri)

1) Reporting on the “Moral Science A” class
To create mutual understanding and opinion exchange on the class, it has been decided that teachers will submit lesson reports (in a set form) on the e-mail network.
2) Center for Moral Science and Education
All Moral Science staff were confirmed to be members of the Center for Moral Science and Education, and exchanged opinions on future policies.

●12:10 – 13:10 on June 10 (Tue)

1) Compilation of a new textbook
President Nakayama reported the plan to compile a new textbook by the end of this fiscal year as part of Reitaku University’s 50th anniversary celebrations, and confirmed the schedule for producing the textbook.
2) Online posting of class reports
It was confirmed that the class reports currently submitted on the e-mail network will be posted on this website as a report of FD activities.
3) Textbook “Introduction to Moral Science”
Lecturers reported on how the textbook Introduction to Moral Science completed at the end of last fiscal year is used in class, and how students have responded to it.




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